PROFESSIONAL COACH specialising in holistic self-development

Jean Ann Rodrigues is a qualified business coach with a two year post-graduate in coaching and leadership.

From this business background Jean takes these skills into the family space to master individual and family relationships.

Jean is on the path of spiritual development and committed to serving individuals using a holistic coaching, yoga and hypnotherapy approach in order to create a more authentic and sustainable South Africa and global community at large. Individuals learn to manage their lives effectively and connect to their internal happiness.


Jean focuses on expanding the relationships between parents and adolescents. Parents, who are committed to self-developing, mastering their conversations with their child and learning how to serve their adolescents effectively through the struggles of school and life are developed through Jean’s approach. Adolescents who have reached a point where they need guidance in the space of managing stress, work and school balance, searching for learning techniques and ultimately being the master of their own lives is necessary to be successful.


Jean is the author of the academic paper “Exploring the Influence of Holistic Coaching Including Satyananda Yoga for Two Students in a South African High School” which has been a starting point for Jean to serve in the education space by providing adolescents with techniques to manage their journey through school and ultimately through life. The earlier one can learn to manage their stress, wellbeing, mental health and return to a space of inner peace, the more one can manage pain, suffering and challenges faced in the big world. Developing a culture where road rage, climbing the corporate ladder in the detriment of health and the lack of emotional intelligence has been a tight rope waiting to break and is evident in our society and what is happening in the world today. The key is to develop the skills to manage life so that one can act from a center point of grace rather than react from a space of no control. Whether you are a parent, adolescent or an individual inspired to take back your power, the change starts within you so that you can be part of the golden age change and move away from the unconscious society waiting to implode. Learn more about coaching


Jean began her yoga journey at the age of 16 years old which was one of the fundamental pillars that contributed to her learning how to manage her life effectively. Jean has been blessed to have the gift of working under her Swami Kamalavidya Saraswati for the past 10 years and being part of the integrative Satyananda Yoga approach which has provided a holistic form of learning to connect to your soul through the science of yoga. Jean is currently studying her my 3 year Yoga Teachers Training Diploma, through the Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe, which is internationally recognised and accredited. Jean continuous with her life-long training of spiritual growth in which she aspires to share her experience, knowledge and tools. Learn more about the science of yoga


Jean is an advanced non-medical hypnotherapist inspired to support individuals on their journey of releasing their limiting beliefs and experiencing being enough. At a young age, Jean was given the gift of working through unconscious baggage that was preventing her from living her full life in the fear of something she could not comprehend. Hypnotherapy provided her with the opportunity to pin-point her issues, let go of what was not useful and use the process as a starting point to excel. Hypnotherapy provides you with the opportunity to change. To allow yourself to let go of what is no longer serving you and re-create a life where you have the tools and control to manage your life and enjoy the journey. Learn more about what hypnotherapy can do for you


Jean continues to explore modalities in order to evolve on a personal level and serve her clients in the most effective manner. Access Bars has been one of the most effective tools Jean has been using as this process helps create instantaneous shifts in some form. One relaxing session can release feelings, emotions, judgments and self-limiting beliefs we have held onto in any lifetime around power, creativity, money, control, aging, your body, sexuality, relationships and more. Combined with this healing process, access bars provides individuals with techniques that can be implemented everyday in order to create deep sustainable change to occur. Learn more about access bars


Associate Certified Coach

The designation is earned by demonstrating knowledge & proficient use of core coaching skills through a comprehensive application & evaluation process designed to ensure high standards for the coaching profession & the clients it serves.

Practitioner Member
Practitioner Member

Coaches and mentors of South Africa is a coaching and mentoring body. The advantages of working with a Comensa trained coach means that you will be working with a qualified professional who abides by a body of ethics in order to create a safe-space for the client. 

Advanced Non-medical Hypnotherapist

The South African Modern Hypnosis Association is a professional organisation that abides by the Australian and Great Britain's code of ethics for hypnotherapy services and serves individuals in the space of well-being and emotional support. 

The Bars is a hands-on body process consisting of 32 points on the head that when lightly held release the electro-magnetic component of thought. This process is about clearing your hard drive and giving yourself a break and a space to release unwanted thought patterns.

Access Bars Practitioner

The Enneagram is a self-development tool that guides individuals in their personal and professional space. The Enneagram provides the individual with the insights in order to grow and evolve through weaknesses, blind-spots, areas of stress. This profile empowers individuals to grow through their understanding and development of self. 

Brain Profiling

These brain-based assessments provide individuals in the space of school, professional services or life with the opportunity to understand themselves and how their unique brain functions. These profiles guide individuals in the space of improved brain performance, developing their talents and reaching their full potential. Through this process areas such as study skills for learners are developed based on their unique brain wiring. 

Systemic Constellations

Systemic constellations is a process used to identify a system at play. Aspects such as relationships, organisations and teams are worked through. This process provides individuals to move away from their thinking perspective and to move into their 'gut' sense in order to create clarity and decisions moving forward. 

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