SPEAKER'S BIO Jean Ann Rodrigues

Jean Ann Rodrigues is an inspirational speaker and a professional coach in life and in leadership. She is the founder of Light Up Within, a holistic parent and adolescent coaching, yoga and hypnotherapy practice. She is also accredited with the International Coach Federation and The Coaches and Mentors of South Africa.

Jean is on the path of spiritual development and committed to serving individuals using a holistic coaching and science of yoga approach in order to create a more authentic and sustainable South Africa and global community at large. Individuals learn to manage their lives effectively and connect to their internal happiness that cultivates change and growth.


Jean focuses on expanding the relationships between parents and adolescents. Parents, who are committed to self-developing, mastering their conversations with their children and learning how to serve their adolescents and themselves effectively through the struggles of school and life are developed through Jean’s approach. Adolescents who have reached a point where they need guidance in the space of managing stress, life and school balance, searching for learning techniques and ultimately being the master of their own lives is necessary to be successful. Overall Jean works on confidence and limiting beliefs by eliminating the mantra of ‘not being good enough,’ which stands in the way of harnessing a life of individual purpose.


Jean has received a business degree majoring in marketing and psychology from the University of Witwatersrand and a postgraduate in Coaching and Leadership at the South African College of Applied Psychology. Jean has studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, which helps create the mind- body model that she incorporates in her trainings. Jean is currently completing her 3-year Yoga Diploma with the Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe. She has been active in the education space for the past 2 years where she has incorporated her 10 years of yoga science experience into her model for change-makers. Her current research involves the study of exploring the Influence of Holistic Coaching Including Satyananda Yoga for Two Students in a South African High School, which has been a starting point for Jean to serve in the education space by providing adolescents with techniques to manage their journey through school and ultimately through life. Jean offers programs for parents and adolescents that focus on maximizing their confidence with themselves as well as with their family relationships.

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