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SPEAKER'S BIO Jean Ann Rodrigues

Jean Ann Rodrigues is an inspirational speaker and a professional coach in life and in leadership. She is the founder of Light Up Within, a holistic wellness retreat centre. She is also accredited with the International Coach Federation and The Coaches and Mentors of South Africa.

Jean is on the path of spiritual development and is committed to serving individuals using a holistic coaching and science of yoga approach in order to create a more authentic and sustainable South Africa and global community at large. Individuals learn to manage their lives effectively and connect to their internal happiness that cultivates change and growth. Jean presents talks on emotional intelligence, combining eastern and western philosophies, creating sustainable change through the mind and body and communing our internal nature with the external nature. 


Jean focuses on expanding the relationship within oneself through creating a foundation of support, connection and trust. In order to work with these challenging and uncertain times, it is essential to heal our own wounds and pain on a mental, emotional and physical level so that we can expand our consciousness and awareness and move forward with security and knowing. 


Jean has received a business degree majoring in marketing and psychology from the University of Witwatersrand and a postgraduate in Coaching and Leadership at the South African College of Applied Psychology. Jean has studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, which helps create the mind- body model that she incorporates in her trainings. Jean has completed her 3-year Yoga Diploma with the Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe and is a Satyananda teacher through The South African School of Yoga. Jean is currently studying her honours in Psychology and is committed to integrating psychology with the science of yoga in order to create meaningful change. She has been active in the education space for the past 2 years where she has incorporated her 14 years of yoga science experience into her model for change-makers. After all, moving forward is not about division or separation but about connection. 

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