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Ozone is known as activated oxygen and our cells need an ongoing supply of oxygen to help contribute to our optimal performance.  Ozone therapy has been around since the 1700’s and started being used medically in 1900’s when Nikola Tesla formed the Tesla Ozone Company. Ozone helps to oxidise and burn up viruses, bacteria and toxicity or pollution in the body when the body is given oxygen. Generally accepted effects of ozone therapy include cleaning arteries and veins and helps improve circulation, improves brain function and memory, inactivates viruses, bacteria and fungus, purifies blood and lymph glands, reduces inflammation, stimulates oxygen metabolism and stimulates the immune system. 


Our therapy room


Light Up Within’s holistic wellness retreat centre is all about cultivating whole-body support and proving you with the space to take back your power on a mental, emotional and physical level. When we feel sick in our body and our energy is low, this impacts our mental wellbeing overall. 


When looking at our current environment and especially living in cities, we have a general lack of clean water and oxygen through the pollution of fumes combined with aspects such as toxic foods, beverages and smoking which is challenging our immune systems as a whole. 


Toxins form the basis of disease in which our bodies are working hard to help eradicate the toxins from the body. Having enough oxygen helps to recharge our vehicle and re-charge our oxygen levels. 


What can happen when we have lots of toxins in our body?


  • Low immunity, arthritis, and regular colds and flu

  • Tiredness and fatigue

  • Reduced energy levels 


Ozone-oxygen process provides us with the opportunity to increase our absorption of these particles in order to help balance our system and provide us with an opportunity to take our health back. 



White Blood Cells

Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells. White blood cells help protect the body from viruses, bacteria and cancer.


Healthy Immmune

Globular proteins are increased which helps to support the immune system and help warn healthy cells of the potentiality of viruses.


Kills Bacteria

Ozone helps to kill bacteria in a slow, steady and systematic way.


Combats Fungus

Ozone works on combating fungal infections in the system such as candida, molds and athlete’s foot.

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Lasting Benefits

The benefits from oxygen-ozone therapy raises the oxygen levels in the blood cells and for a long period over the session.


Increased Oxygenation

Ozone helps to clear blockages in large and small vessels which creates more effective tissue oxygenation.


  • Boosts the immune system and increases vitamin and mineral absorption 

  • Helps improve skin conditions such as eczema 

  • Improves blood circulation which helps support injured muscles

  • Stimulates health by bringing more oxygen into the system

  • Relieves pain, boosts blood circulation and aids in repairing muscles

  • Great for weight loss! Helps to burn fat and increases your metabolic rate

    • Reduces stretch marks and helps to 

    • Stimulates lymphatic drainage

    • Helps tone muscles

    • Improves skin tone


  • This purification process helps to detoxify your body through steam and raising your body temperature so that oxygen can help to move through your blood and replenish your cells. 

  • During the session, you will sit in a comfortable ozone sauna machine with your head out. The steam will help open up your pores so that the oxygen and ozone will be released into your body. 

  • The sessions timings are dependent on the individual and work towards 20 to 30 minutes. 

  • While you are in the sauna, you will be given a towel and you can sit in the sauna with your underwear, costume or naked in which another towel will be placed around your head to keep the steam in the sauna. 

  • The overall therapy session will provide you with feelings of relaxation, energy and detoxing as you are purifying your body as a whole. Drinking lots of water after a session is required.  

  • Children and the elderly will have shorted sessions in order to facilitate their stage of development and where they are at with their bodily functions.


Please note that it is important to work as a team when looking at whole-body support. Therefore, speak to your physician, homeopath and team of advisors when looking at contraindications so that we make sure you are safe, supported and in authentic health. 

  • Medications: Please discuss with your team of health workers. 

  • Cardiovascular: Due to the increase of heat, this does have an impact on your heart and cardiovascular systems. Please discuss with your team of health workers.

  • Chronic conditions: With conditions such as hypohidrosis, diabetes and alcoholism please discuss with your team of health workers.

  • Pregnancy: Recommended to use after pregnancy.

  • Pacemaker and implants: Please discuss with your team of health workers.

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