For many years, Jean battled through feelings of hopelessness, stress and fear. But what she did not know is that she was being run by her unconscious memories that were creating a disconnect between her body and mind. Jean could not live her fullest life because something was holding her back. Her unconscious mind and her fears. A monumental game changer was hypnotherapy and how this helped reshape her thought processes which provided her with a space to take back her power.


Self-Development Hypnosis


The hypnosis process is ideal to work alongside the coaching process in order to make sure shifts are occurring on a variety of levels. Do you have the need to be the best version of yourself but for some reason you feel held back and you cannot seem to get your life under control? A potential reason is that often we have unconscious baggage keeping us trapped in a mindset that does not serve you. The quickest way to break through challenges is through hypnotherapy as this process works on the subconscious mind and helps redesign your thought processes and deal with any route causes if necessary. The result creates a space for you to manage your own life, take back control and move through underlying issues so that you can awaken the peace within yourself and improve your overall wellbeing and energy levels


Confidence and self-esteem

A relaxation process that helps you connect to your authentic voice, body & emotions

Public speaking

Experiencing the fear first hand and working through this in a safe environment

Stress & anxiety

Learning to override the reaction and the steps to follow

Healthy living & weight control

Creating a realistic vision and action steps to help re-wire your thought processes

Sleep disorders

Finally providing your brain with the tools to switch off from active beta waves to alpha and theta waves


Learning where the depression lies, experiencing the process and letting go

Sports therapy

Relaxation, focus, performance anxiety and harnessing your abilities to achieve success

Past life regression

An opportunity to be curious as to experiences you once had,
which may effect your present.


If you are really ready to stop then this process is excellent as it provides you with action steps, techniques and alongside rewiring your associations with this habit

Nail biting & bed wetting

Providing you with the tools and action steps that will give you back your control and confidence


Excellent when working with acute pain which provides a large amount of relief. Hypnosis is useful to give the client tools when managing chronic pain and suffering.

Phobia & Trauma

Training your mind to establish possibilities versus probabilities. Learn to shift through this barrier & take back your power

How hypnotherapy can serve you...

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