Jean specialises in inspiring individuals to connect to their entire being, heighten their awareness and create a purposeful balance in life, work or school. The result is improved well-being, meaningful change and success.


The purpose of Jean’s coaching, yoga and holistic modalities is to awaken individuals to connect to their mind, body and spirit and to create a sustainable balanced life.

Jean’s coaching focus on the adolescent and parenting space using a mindfulness and emotional intelligence process. The adolescent coaching-program provides
teens with the ability to manage challenges effectively and the parent-coaching program helps parents to manage themselves in order to manage their children. Learn more about coaching

Jean provides inspirational talks to schools, parents and adolescents. Jean
focuses on a variety of mindfulness topics in order to grow the awareness and cultivate change across different platforms. Read the full speaker bio

Jean has been part of the Satyananda Yoga Tradition for the past 10 years, which provides a holistic form of experiencing your soul through the science of yoga. Jean continuous with her life-long training of spiritual growth in which she aspires to share her experience, knowledge and tools with the continuous grace of her Guru and master. Learn more about the science of yoga

Jean is an advanced non-medical hypnotherapist and serves individuals by
removing what is no longer working on an unconscious level and giving light to
what works on a conscious level. Hypnotherapy works on the subconscious mind and helps redesign your thought processes and deal with any route causes. Learn more about hypnotherapy

This holistic process focuses on de-cluttering the mind by working with 32
points on the head. Science shows that this process has an effect on a
neurological and body temperature level, which has shown to create a space for
more focus, less anxiety and overall clarity. Learn more about access bars

As part of Jean’s mission to guide individuals into creating deep sustainable
change and fast, the workshops serve as a space to grow awareness, make changes and design a life of happiness by giving individuals the tools to do so.
Learn more about the variety of workshops

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