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The ultimate goal in yoga is happiness, to move away from suffering and become self-realized. The process needed to reach this state involves a holistic approach. There are many branches in yoga such as Hatha yoga, which has become the most popular in today’s society and focuses on balancing our physical and energetic body. There are a variety of other branches; some are Raja yoga, Karma yoga and Bhakti yoga. Raja yoga looks at the mental body and concentration techniques to reach a level of meditation. Karma yoga hones into action with awareness and the practice of selfless service creates an active meditation form. Bhakti yoga is the yoga of devotion and looks at channeling emotions to follow a positive direction.

The focus of this workshop is on sound. The quickest way to self-realization is through sounds because we come from sound and this process helps liberate our minds from the attachments we have created.

Mantra yoga looks at the vibrations of the sounds created and not at the meanings, which brings a direct shift in the body and mind. This workshop is designed to bring your mind to a clearer, more focused and calmer state that creates a stimulating ground for meditative practices. During the mantra process you will learn to shift your mental thoughts through the vibrations of sounds, experience two mantras that carry specific healing meanings and learn how and when to chant mantras.


During the primordial sound process, you will engage with the powerful bija mantras of the chakras, what each chakra means and how these sounds can serve you in evolving through being stuck in one specific chakra. You will have an experience.


Being identified with external stimuli is the process of being human, but it is also a process of keeping us trapped in an illusion of false happiness continuously seeking for external gratification. The internal mastery position asks you to detach from the outside world and connect to your internal flow where you truly experience what happiness is and that is within you.


What are the benefits of this workshop?

  • Experience a powerful daily mantra meditation process

  • Start your process of self-discovery and grow your self-awareness

  • Learn a variety of scientifically proven mantra and sound techniques

  • Manage anxiety and stress effectively

  • Learn specific mantras for the chakras and chakra information

  • Learn to release the overthinking churning of the mind

  • Ongoing development and discussion

  • You will be under the guidance of luminaries who have provided scientifically proven techniques


This workshop is for you, if you…


  • Would love to learn the beginning processes of mantra and sound

  • Grow your awareness and connect to your sound within

  • Looking to develop a daily meditative practice and have no idea where to begin

  • Are continuously getting sick and struggle to cope under stress

  • Have developed a negative attitude and feel completely stuck

  • You are completely absorbed by your thoughts

  • Struggle to manage your emotions

  • Are ready to live a yogic lifestyle

  • Have reached a point where you need to change, and it starts from within!


Additional info...


  1. Contact to reserve your spot in the next workshop

  2. This is a 1 day workshop of 3 hours

  3. Additional materials and delicious healthy snacks will be served!

Click here to see the schedule of upcoming yoga workshops.

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