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When I was in acting school in New York, the fundamental principal my teachers focused on teaching us was around “how to become children again.” What I mean by this is that to be an actor, you have to learn to be a child. Why? Think about it, what are the incredible qualities children are born with? Well… some include presence, authenticity and vulnerability. However, the older children get, the more they loose these abilities, because of society and sometimes parents.

So what I am proposing to you, is to rethink your parenting style so that we can continue to keep the presence and authenticity that our children teach us and on the same note, establish an emotionally intelligent relationship with them so as to create a mutually serving relationship.


This workshop with provide you with many skills such as, how to manage a stresses child, an angry child or implosive child, what behaviours to avoid and what behaviours to try, how to recognize emotions and help your child recognize theirs and finally the gift of problem solving, as the fact is – you as the parent do not need to have the answers, rather helping your child find their answers is much more empowering for them and you!


This workshop is ideal for younger children, however will serve you hugely in the adolescent space as many of these processes are necessary in order to create a healthy and mutually serving relationship!


What are the benefits of this workshop...


  • You will develop your self-awareness, self-management and social awareness.

  • Walk away with empowering tools that you can start to implement with your children.

  • You will no longer feel inferior and depleted in your relationship with your young adult.

  • Feel inspired and motivated as a parent.

  • Learn about specific disciplines and easy steps to take in order to take your relationship from zero to hero!

  • Learn to manage your emotions and let go rather than hanging on to everything your child says and does.

  • Walk away with basic communication techniques that will shift your relationship with your young adult.

  • Learn some relaxation tips and postures you can do for yourself and with your child.


This workshop is for you, if you….


  • Struggle to connect and communicate with your child.

  • Find it challenging to help your children through crisis situations and general school or life situations.

  • Do not know how to motivate and inspire your child to do what they love and excel at.

  • Constantly feel stressed and overwhelmed and feel like you are not doing well as a parent.

  • Need a break and can do with a way to relax.

  • Want the best for your child and see how much potential your child has but you are unsure as to how to unlock it.

  • Are motivated to learn a variety of tools that will serve a visual, auditory or kinesthetic child!


Additional Information…


  • Contact to reserve your spot in the next workshop

  • This is a 2 day workshop of 3 hours per day

  • Additional materials and delicious healthy snacks will be served!

Click here to see the schedule of upcoming parenting & adolescence workshops.

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