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This workshop focuses on three core areas that help direct the student in discovering the ideal career based on their interests, personality and thinking style profile. Every learner has different interests, therefore the exploration of what each individual enjoys will be connected to their career path options. Based on the learners’ unique personality, various career options will be explored and aligned with how the learner functions in the world. The third area is exploring how each learner thinks regarding a more left-brain linear type of thinking or a right-brain parallel type of thinking. Depending how the adolescent thinks will also help determine the field that is most suited to them.


A variety of exercises will be explored such as subjects, work environments and places to study in order to gain the most insight to make valuable decisions.


This workshop also includes a relaxation process and stress management techniques in order to create a focused mind and provide individuals with the ability to make clear choices. These techniques can be used in many situations such as growing self-awareness, managing one’s life and developing oneself.


What are the benefits of the workshop…


  • Provides clarity and direction with career choices

  • Grows awareness around interests, personality and thinking styles

  • Learn a large amount of information about various working spaces and where to study

  • Learn to manage stress and anxiety

  • Receive relaxation tools


This workshop is for you, if you…


  • Need more clarity as to what career direction to follow

  • Are interested in receiving more information about how you function and what career areas would be the most suited to you

  • Would like to gain a holistic perspective and learn specific techniques to serve you in making decisions, relaxing and managing your life

  • Unsure where to study

  • Need more direction with regards to what subjects to take based on your interests


Additional Information…


  1. Contact to reserve your spot in the next workshop and to find out pricing details!

  2. This is a 2 day workshop of 4,5 hours per day or full-day workshop

  3. Additional materials and delicious healthy snacks will be served at private workshops!

  4. This workshop can be done privately or at schools

Click here to see the schedule of upcoming parenting & adolescence workshops.

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