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This workshop provides adolescents with a personal learning receptive profile, which looks at how your unique brain processes information and why. Once you have a clear idea as to how your brain functions, this provides you with an ideal study and learning strategy based on how you learn.


The learning receptive profile provides you with information such as food management; sleep profile, movement strategies and ways to manage your attitude. A summary of your neurological design will be moved through and areas of focus will be honed into. This will provide you with ways to improve your brain fitness as well as areas that you can focus your attention more on.


Combined with learning more about how your function, the study skills process links to this and shows you the tools as to how to learn, how to take notes, how to listen and how to memorize your information. You will be taught mental skills such as concentration techniques, examination tips and how to manage stress.


As this workshop is holistic and caters for your whole being, you will be taught to think, to feel and to experience through specific movements, postures and exercises so that you have a variety of techniques that you can choose from.


What are the benefits of this workshop…


  • Learn to manage your life by learning how your rain works and what to do

  • You will learn how to create a brain friendly environment for your studying

  • Tools as to how to learn and the mental skills to guide you with this

  • You will grow your self-awareness and learn more about how you work

  • Experience mental, emotional and physical techniques, movements and postures to improve your learning experience

  • Manage stress and anxiety

  • Learn to prepare and love learning


This workshop is for you, if you…


  • Are striving for success and keep flunking your exams and tests

  • You know your work, but you cannot access the information

  • You go blank in exams or tests and don’t know what to do

  • You struggle to memorize information

  • Not sure how to study and learn

  • You get distracted and cannot focus on the task at hand

  • You are inspired to learn to manage your life and grow your success at school

  • Aim to manage your stress and anxiety and have the tools to do so

Additional information…


  1. Contact to reserve your spot in the next workshop

  2. This is a 3 day workshop of 3 hours per day

  3. Additional materials and delicious healthy snacks will be served! to see the schedule of upcoming parenting & adolescence workshops.


Click here to see the schedule of upcoming parenting & adolescence workshops.

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